Build customer loyalty and create an inclusive environment for everyone with a SUPA M72 counter loop!  Counter loops promote ease of communication for both customers and staff within a business, as well as an exceptional customer service experience.


Ensure a positive and inclusive customer service experience in the workplace with a counter loop system‍‍‍!  Counter loop systems promote easy communication for staff and customers with hearing loss. The Contacta SUPA M72 “Above the Counter” loop kit provides clear communication with hearing aid wearers and serves to eliminate background noise.

Both employees and customers with hearing loss can also utilize the counter loop functionality to better hear customers and coworkers!

The distinctive sign aerial of a counter loop system‍‍‍‍‍‍, when positioned customer-facing, allows customers to easily identify that hearing assistive technology is available to them. The aerial sign affixes to the counter or desk surface, enabling customers to easily spot the loop and get the maximum benefit from it. The unit can be fitted into many positions due to its low profile structure.

The “T” on the sign is a well-known indicator to the hearing loss community that a hearing loop is present and to turn on the telecoil functionality of one’s hearing aids to utilize.  

The Sign Aerial (SUPAM72) over the counter loop system comes with an HLD2 Hearing Loop Driver and the IL-AE-96 counter loop aerial which comes in a plastic housing and is covered with a blue hearing loop sign. The aerial comes with a stand and foam adhesive so you can mount the aerial to the stand or a vertical surface. The blue hearing loop sign is a direct signal to users that the space has a hearing loop and can invite them to use that particular station.

The purchase of an RX20-HS hearing loop receiver and headset is recommended to provide an option for use by those without telecoil-enabled hearing aids or without hearing aids.


For use in any situation where one-to-one communication takes place at a counter, booth, or desk, such as in:

• Banks
• Pharmacy window
• Supermarkets check out stand
• Theater box office
• Information center
• Department of Motor Vehicles window


• Microprocessor control
• Energy-saving “green” standby mode is achieving a power saving of up to 80% during quiet periods
• Advanced audio processing features AGC, compression, and noise gate
• Constant-current loop drive
• Continuous self-testing
• Isolated audio line input allows the driver to take alternative audio sources (optional)
• Power and LED status indication
• Magnetic field range of 800mm


HLD2 Hearing Loop Driver

The HLD2 is an innovative hearing loop driver for use with counter loop systems. The HLD2 to remains ‘ON’ continuously by design, benefiting users so that they do not have to request assistance. The HLD2 is energy efficient, with the energy savings mode automatically activating during quiet periods.

M72 Microphone

The M72 microphone is 3” and has a LED confidence light on the base of the microphone that will illuminate green or red according to the status of the HLD2 hearing loop driver.


Additional information

Weight 0.26 lbs
Dimensions 4.56 × 4.57 × 1.57 in
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