Our mission is to serve as an advocate for the hearing loss community through education and professional installation of the highest quality hearing loop systems in the U.S.


Our vision is for hearing loop technology to become the standard for technology in all venues that necessitate hearing assistive technology for their patrons in lieu of less user-friendly technology such as FM or IR systems.

We hope that one day all audiologists and hearing loss technicians will educate their patients to purchase hearing instruments with t-coils and educate them on this simple yet effective technology.


We value our Midwest roots and seek to do business just like we were raised – to be ethical, to perform with excellence, and to always do what we say we are going to do.


Assist2Hear, Inc. was created in 2010 when our founder, Laura Hansen, discovered induction hearing loop technology while researching options to help her father hear better at his church. Having formerly been in the senior services industry, Laura truly understood the isolation that often occurs as a result of hearing loss. She sought to find a solution to provide better access to public venues and social situations for those with hearing loss and the concept of Assist2Hear was born! At the time, hearing loop technology was still fairly new in the United States; Laura is now considered to be one of the “pioneers” of the hearing loop community.

Since its inception, Assist2Hear’s mission has been to serve as an advocate for the hearing loss community through education and professional installation of hearing loop systems.  To date, we have installed over 100+ systems throughout the Midwest.


Erin Nichols

Field Certified
Hearing Loop Contractor, CEO

Erin Nichols purchased Assist2Hear from its former owner, Laura Hansen, in 2015.  She brings keen business acumen and strategic vision to the company, expanding it to serve multiple states.  In the early years of her time at Assist2Hear, Erin was fortunate to have been mentored by Richard McKinley, the most experienced hearing loop expert in the business. Erin also holds a Bachelor in Finance from the University of Kansas and an MBA in Finance from the University of Denver, in addition to being a Field-Certified Contacta Hearing Loop Contractor.   Her personal and professional goals align – to serve others and give back to the community in everything she does.  She has exemplified this throughout her life through work in microfinance, senior services, and volunteerism on behalf of the arts community.

Erin is hands-on with each project throughout its lifecycle, be it the initial site survey, loop design, or installation.  She takes pride in the fact that Assist2Hear does all loop design work in-house and always gets a kick out of the surprised faces when she shows up on a construction site to lead an installation team!

In her spare time, Erin can be found practicing her guitar or piano, cooking, reading a book, watching Jayhawk basketball, or racing down a mountain on her skis.

James Andrew Rivas

Field Certified
Hearing Loop Contractor

Andrew joined the Assist2Hear family in 2017.  He brings both architectural design and technical construction management experience to the group.  Creating architectural solutions, Andrew has devoted his career to developing design concepts for the home and workplace environments.  While working on his professional internship with a group of architects, he completed an undergraduate program with a bachelor of science from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Recognized by the National Council for Architectural Review Board (NCARB) as a candidate for Certified Architect, Andrew has pursued his passion for refining and improving smart design solutions.  Andrew looks forward to bringing the cutting edge, state of the art hearing loop technology to the design community.  He is convinced that the Assist2Hear approach to market will be a welcome addition to the vibrant Texas economy.

Andrews’s spare time is often spent in an art studio, gallery, or wood shop.  He enjoys creating abstract contemporary art, sculptures, and designs custom furniture in his spare time.  He likes attending live music venues, and occasionally spends an afternoon in a boat on Lake Travis.