The Contacta RX20-HS hearing loop receiver is an easy-to-use and lightweight listening device for interaction with hearing loop systems. It enables people to listen to a hearing loop system as if they were wearing a hearing device switched to the telecoil program.  The receiver comes standard with a Panasonic headset and black lanyard; disposable earbuds are also available. Recommend to add disposable ear covers.

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The Contacta RX20 hearing loop receiver is a compact listening device for use with induction hearing loop systems.  It enables users without a telecoil-enabled hearing aid to use the hearing loop system if they do not have a telecoil-enabled hearing aid. The RX20-HS induction hearing loop receiver comes standard with a dual-ear headset.


  • To ensure full hearing accessibility at locations
  • Allow the sound team to test the hearing loop
  • For someone with hearing loss who does not have a telecoil-enabled hearing aid


  •  Flat frequency response
  •  Low cut filter
  • More than 100 hours life with 2 x AAA batteries
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