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  • SUPA M72

    SUPA M72 Counter Loop

    Build customer loyalty and create an inclusive environment for everyone with a SUPA M72 counter loop!  Counter loops promote ease of communication for both customers and staff within a business, as well as an exceptional customer service experience.

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  • $466.00

    Window Mount w/M72 Mic

    The counter loop systems are designed to remain ‘ON’ continuously benefiting the users so that they do not have to request assistance. Once inside the electromagnetic field of the loop aerial, the user is automatically included as soon as they switch their hearing instrument to the T-Coil Program.

    The M72 window aerial kit comes with a hearing loop sign and blue backing on either side the IL-AE-96 loop aerial. The hearing loop sign has a front adhesive so it can be mounted on the staff side to face the customer.

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