Hearing Loops for Senior Living Communities

Hearing loops are fast becoming a requested amenity in senior living communities across the country. While FM systems gather dust, hearing loops are the hearing assistive technology that your residents will actually use and give you rave reviews for installing in your community!

Large or small, a hearing loop system exists to meet the needs of your residents in a variety of hearing situations. Hearing loops can be of benefit to senior living communities in any area where you need to communicate more with your residents.

Some examples include:

  • A Hearing Loop in the community room(s) or wherever you have public speakers and background noise which reduces the audibility for residents trying to hear.
  • A Counter Loop at the front desk and/or concierge.
  • A Portable Loop for your Wellness Center to help facilitate conversations with residents who need hearing assistance but don’t wear a hearing aid or have t-coils.
  • A Table Loop in the dining room to help those who can’t hear in the dining room due to all of the background noise have meaningful conversations again at dinner time!

ADA Compliance for Hearing Access and Hearing Loops

Did you know that if you are using amplified (eg. a microphone system) in your independent or assisted living community, you likely fall under ADA regulations which require additional assistive hearing technology for your residents? To learn more about hearing access, regulations, and senior living communities, contact Assist2Hear today.

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