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Hearing Loops for Churches

Large rooms with many hard surfaces like churches are not “hearing friendly”. Even the best, most expensive sound systems.

Senior Living Communities

Hearing loops are fast becoming a requested amenity in senior living communities across the country.

Hearing Loops for Theaters

Assist2Hear offers professional installation of hearing loops in all venues, large and small.

What are Hearing Loops?

How a Hearing Loop works

A hearing loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid, greatly reducing background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that make it difficult to hear.

The Sound Source, such as a voice, TV, mixing console or other audio system, is captured using a microphone.

The Hearing Loop surrounds the area where the listening audience is located and carries the sound signal through the loop with reduced ambient noise.

The Sound Signal is picked up by Telecoil (or T-coil) enabled hearing aids, cochlear implants, or headsets with loop receivers.

Individuals with T-coil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants simply activate the T-coil program to hear enhanced sound clarity. There is no need to check out a separate receiver.

Advantage of Hearing Loops

Hearing loops provide significant advantages beyond just helping those with hearing loss. By installing hearing loops, businesses can attract a large demographic of customers who otherwise might not be able to hear and communicate effectively. Pharmacies, banks, theaters, grocery stores, senior centers, dinner theaters, and other businesses can all benefit from hearing loop technology.

Not only do hearing loops improve accessibility for those living with hearing loss, they also provide a better overall experience for all customers. By welcoming and accommodating people with hearing difficulties, businesses can create a more inclusive and welcoming environment that enhances the customer experience.

This video provides a demonstration of the difference that hearing loops make in providing a clearer sound for individuals with hearing loss.

Throughout the video, you will hear examples of how greatly the sound quality improves with the use of a hearing loop. Notice how background noise is significantly reduced, allowing the individual to hear a more focused and clearer sound. You can also see how hearing loops can be customized to meet the specific needs of the listener, such as adjusting the volume and tone.

In this video, we also hear from individuals who have personally benefited from using hearing loops. They will share their experiences of struggling to hear in noisy environments, and how hearing loops have made a significant difference in their ability to understand and participate in conversations.

By the end of the video, you will have a clear understanding of how hearing loops can provide a clearer sound for individuals with hearing loss. You will also see how they improve the listening experience in various settings and help to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for all.


Our mission is to serve as an advocate for the hearing loss community through education and professional installation of the highest quality induction hearing loop systems in the U.S.

Assist2Hear, Inc. was created in 2010 when our founder, Laura Hansen, discovered induction hearing loop technology while researching options to help her father hear better at his church. Having formerly been in the senior services industry, Laura truly understood the isolation that often occurs as a result of hearing loss. She sought to find a solution to provide better access to public venues and social situations for those with hearing loss and the concept of Assist2Hear was born! At the time, hearing loop technology was still fairly new in the United States; Laura is now considered to be one of the “pioneers” of the hearing loop community.

Since its inception, Assist2Hear’s mission has been to serve as an advocate for the hearing loss community through education and professional installation of hearing loop systems.  To date, we have installed over 100+ systems throughout the Midwest.



Our vision is that induction hearing loop technology becomes the standard for assistive listening technology in all venues. We envision a day when people who utilize assistive listening will not have to call attention to their hearing loss by wearing additional headsets and accessories – they will be able to discretely change the program on their hearing device and engage in events! We look forward to the day when everyone who purchases a hearing device is educated about the magic of the telecoil prior to purchase and do not miss out on this simple, yet effective technology option!


We value our Midwest roots and seek to do business just like we were raised – to be ethical, to perform with excellence, and to always do what we say we are going to do.


Assist2Hear News and Updates

Norman City Council Installs Hearing Loop

Norman City Council Installs Hearing Loop

Norman residents with hearing loss can now participate with ease in Norman City Council meetings Citizens with hearing loss in the city of Norman, Oklahoma can now hear better in city council meetings thanks to the installation of a hearing loop system!  The city...