Promote Your Hearing Loop During the Easter Season!

Draw Seasonal Visitors Back into the Flock

Churches can expect an influx of visitors, in addition to their regular attendees, during the Easter season. According to Senior Pastor Central, more than likely 25% of all visitors to a church annually will come for Easter services. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your church’s hearing loop, helping ensure regular attendees and guests with hearing loss enjoy your Easter services.

A hearing loop signifies to attendees that all are truly welcome in your church community. Make this message loud and clear by taking the following easy steps to promote your hearing loop during the Easter season:

  • Briefly explain hearing loop technology before the start of services and remind attendees to turn on their telecoil program.
  • Promote the presence of your hearing loop in your church bulletin.
  • Add a slide with hearing loop information to your PowerPoints (if used).
  • Assign a point person to help answer questions about the system and/or assist with loop receivers before the service.
  • Have extra receivers on hand. Assist2Hear is happy to help you with additional receiver purchase or rental if needed.

A hearing loop is a true blessing for people with hearing loss! It significantly enhances the church experience by providing clarity to every word spoken. Most notably, hearing loops filter out the echo, reverberation, and background noise that traditionally make it difficult to hear the sermon in church. Attendees with or without hearing aids can utilize the hearing loop system.

The Easter season is a prime opportunity to promote the hearing loop to your attendees and guests, offering them an enhanced worship experience. By actively promoting your hearing loop, you are also increasing the odds of turning an Easter visitor into a regular attendee!

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New Hearing Loop In Cheyenne Wyoming

First United Methodist Church Installs New Hearing Loop

For those living with hearing loss, attending religious services can often be a challenging experience. In Cheyenne, the First United Methodist Church has taken a step towards making worship more accessible. After much research, the church decided that hearing loop technology would be the best fit to improve hearing accessibility. They chose Assist2Hear to install a hearing loop system for worshippers – the newest hearing loop in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

What is a Hearing Loop System?

An induction hearing loop system (also known as an “assistive listening loop”) uses magnetic induction to transmit sound directly to hearing aids or hearing implants equipped with telecoil (T-coil) technology. The majority of hearing devices have a telecoil program available, but users are often unaware it exists until they ask their hearing professional to activate it. For worshipers without a telecoil-enabled hearing device, receivers with headsets or earbuds are available to use.

How the Hearing Loop System Was Installed

The Cheyenne church underwent several tests by Assist2Hear to ensure optimal hearing loop installation. These included surveys of construction and materials transitions, tests for electrical magnetic interference, metal loss, and frequency variation. The architecture of the church divides the sanctuary into three distinct segments – a wide semi-circular set of pews in the front half, two sets of narrower rectangular pews in the back half, and the choir. To ensure accessibility for all, the church chose to install the hearing loop system in all three sections. As a result, every worshipper with hearing loss is able to benefit from the hearing loop, regardless of where they sit!

Each section’s unique layout and flooring characteristics required the use of a different design and installation technique. A figure eight loop design using flat wire installed underneath the carpet covers the back section. The front segment’s construction and narrowness allowed for a perimeter loop with the wire hidden behind the trim of the wall. The choir, located behind the altar, was installed using a mix of wire types to disguise the wire. All systems feed to the audio booth located in the sanctuary. Assist2Hear chose Contacta, Inc hearing loop amplifiers for the installation, as they are the highest quality product on the market today.

Rave Reviews for the Hearing Loop System

The new Cheyenne hearing loop has received much positive feedback from church members. They report that the sound is clear and it is much easier to understand the sermon. Additionally, congregants with hearing loss also note how much easier it is to listen easily and enjoy the sermon. The new hearing loop is truly a blessing to their ears!

First United Methodist’s Tradition of Inclusivity

The church has a long history of being a welcoming environment for members of the Cheyenne community. The church dates its history back to just a few months after the city of Cheyenne came into existence. In 2017, the church celebrated its 150th anniversary. With the installation of the new hearing loop system, the oldest Methodist church in Wyoming continues its legacy of being a pioneer!

If you are looking for a church in Cheyenne that is hearing loss friendly, the First United Methodist Church is an excellent choice. With its long history rooted in the Cheyenne community, the church provides a welcoming environment for all. Come and experience the benefits of hearing loop technology at the First United Methodist Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming!

Hearing loops are present in Methodist churches throughout the United States. To locate other hearing loops by Assist2Hear, check out the hearing loop installations page on

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