Get your venue in the Loop!

Assist2Hear offers professional installation of hearing loops in all venues, large and small. We offer support before and after the installation to make sure the loop conforms with IEC standards and help educate users to get the most out of the system.

Let Them Hear The Difference!

In many settings, hearing aids are insufficient, because turning up their volume magnifies extraneous noise and reverberation as well as the desired “signal.” Assistive listening systems clarify sound by eliminating the negative effects of distance, noise, and reverberation.

The ADA Regulations Have Changed

Hearing Loops help venues meet ADA regulations for patrons with hearing loss and have the highest user satisfaction levels.  Other systems, IR or FM, also confirm, but are rarely used due to the requirement of a headset.

Sound Systems Are Not Enough

A common misconception is that if you increase the your sound system’s volume, it will enable those with hearing loss to hear better.  Volume is not the issue for those with hearing loss, it is the lack of clarity that is actually the culprit.  Clarity is lost due to ambient noise, echo, and reverberation.   Increasing the volume has the opposite effect for your patrons – it only further distorts the sound.   A Hearing Loop removes background noise, echo and reverberation, and creates a clear sound directly to the ear through a user’s existing hearing aids!

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