Now everyone can enjoy entertainment at home with a home hearing loop.

If your family complains that you keep the TV too loud, or you can’t hear your sound system when you leave the room, a home hearing loop can help.


What’s a hearing loop?

A hearing loop, also known as induction loop, is simply a loop of wire plugged into an amplifier that sends a magnetic signal to the t-coil in your hearing aid or cochlear implant.  Unlike other wireless hearing technologies like infrared and FM systems, hearing loops don’t need any external receiving units or annoying headsets– simply switch to the telecoil setting in your hearing aid for clear sound.


What’s so great about a residential hearing loop? Everything!

VOLUME: You’ll hear things more clearly and without needing to raise the volume (on the TV or sound system, for example), which can disturb others.

SOUND CLARITY: When the amplifier produces the audible sound that’s relayed back to you, feedback and background noise is eliminated (or greatly reduced)

PRIVACY: Because the loop system works with your existing t-coil hearing aid, you don’t need to “advertise” your hearing loss with a headset.

MOBILITY: Depending on the loop system you choose, you can move from room to room and still get great sound. No need to lug around a belt pack receiver or stay tethered to a stereo with headphones!


What if I don’t have a t-coil hearing aid?

Although most hearing aids in the U.S. are now being made with telecoils, there are options for you if you have an older model that is not equipped with a t-coil (or if you don’t have a hearing aid at all). There are headsets and loop receivers that are compatible with the induction loop to assist those without hearing aids or t-coils.


Can I use my loop system in other places?

In addition to residential loop systems, there are also portable hearing loops for your car or to take when you stay in hotels or visit friends and family. There’s also a growing national hearing loop initiative in which many churches, venues, theaters and public and private businesses (like pharmacies, hospitals, banks and grocery stores) are choosing to install a hearing loop system with raving reviews.  To find out about public loop systems in your area, visit


What are you waiting for? Get in the loop!


Already have a hearing loop in your home? Please leave a comment to share how it’s improved your quality of life.


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