Did you know that you can loop your TV room with the Assist2Hear Home Loop System for the best experience available to the hard of hearing.  Your spouse and neighbors will be happy that the volume is not turned up full blast!  And you will be ecstatic at how well you can hear the TV without having to wear a headset.  The only thing necessary is the residential home loop system, available from Assist2Hear for less than $300 and your own t-coil equipped hearing aids!

Just imagine, turning on the TV and flipping the T-coil switch or program on your hearing aid, then sitting back to enjoy the program.  My own father told everyone he knows about his new home hearing loop and I have seen so many ear to ear smiles from the many loop users.

How do you loop your TV room?  The Assist2Hear Home Loop System is quite easy for and designed for self-installation.  The residential home loop system comes with 100’ of loop wire which can be run around the perimeter of the TV room, either under the carpet or pushed under the baseboard.  Where the wire must cross a doorway, just use a coat hanger or something stiff to feed the wire under the carpet.  If the floors are hardwood, you can put the wire on the baseboard or if there is a crawl space or unfinished basement below, just tack the wire underneath since the signal travels up and down.  The wire could be put in the ceiling, but this is more difficult with insulation.

With the wire run around the room (less than 100’ perimeter), just put the wire ends in the back of the amplifier, like hooking up speakers.  Then use the supplied RCA plugs to connect your TV through the Audio Out jacks and plug the other end into the back of the loop amplifier.  NOTE:  Many of the newer TVs do not have RCA Audio Out jacks but have Digital Audio Out.  In this case, you will need a Digital to Analog Converter readily available online for about $25 or less.

The sound through the hearing loop is nothing short of amazing, according to most users.  The sound is transmitted directly from the TV to the user’s own hearing aid that has been programmed for their hearing loss.  There are no headsets or neckloops to wear.  Just flip the switch to turn on the t-coil program in the hearing aid and enjoy.

For more information about residential and home loop systems, visit www.assist2hear.com.

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