Sea Turtle, Inc

Sea Turtle, Inc. installed a hearing loop in the new outdoor auditorium on sunny South Padre Island, Texas in August 2018. The new auditorium faced many challenges for hearing accessibility that other outdoor presentation spaces face including zoos and amphitheaters. The auditorium itself faces the often windy ocean and although the view is gorgeous, the wind made listening and understanding the presentation difficult especially for those with hearing loss. The auditorium is also situated just behind the massive turtle tanks and filtration equipment which contribute to the background noise. The induction hearing loop removes the distracting background noise and brings the Sea Turtle expert’s information straight to hearing aids, implant hearing devices, and Loop Listeners. Ila, the original founder of Sea Turtle, Inc, would be so proud knowing every visitor has the opportunity to learn about the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle with crystal clear clarity through the hearing loop.